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Quality policy

A Quality Policy Burned Deep in our DNA

Because we have always believed that performance requires knowledge and perfect control of the product, we have been committed to a quality management system approach for all our activities since the end of the 1990s.

Specialists have obligations toward their clients in terms of skills, volumes and service. To meet those obligations, we give special care to our selection of suppliers, as well as to the quality of our products. Customer satisfaction is the keystone of our quality system. 

For this reason our quality system hinges on two main strategic lines:

  • formalizing and giving structure to our expertise by improving the reliability of our order picking, logistics and inventory management,
  • standardizing interdepartmental communication channels in the interest of customer satisfaction, by identifying client/supplier/transporter requirements.

In terms of products, we ensure compliance with specifications, organoleptic quality (taste, color, texture), labeling conformity with current regulations (INCO, nutritional values, etc.) and packaging quality. We regularly supervise our suppliers' factories, especially during campaigns.

The traceability of goods is made reliable and secure thanks to our IT tools (ERP, WMS) from one end of the chain to the other. 

As far as food safety is concerned, in addition to complying with the standards and practices of the profession and the HACCP plan updated every year, we carry out regular random analyses on our goods.


The activities of Brousse Vergez S.A., Ambro Foods, Axe Fruit and Euro Partenaires are IFS BROKER certified. Just like those of Brousse GmbH in Germany.

The IFS Broker certificationtestifies to:

  • the implementation of a quality management system,
  • the responsibility of the company's management for the development of quality control systems,
  • the reliability of the selected subcontractors,
  • transparency of all company processes,
  • traceability of all products.

The conformity of organic products within the companies Brousse Vergez S.A, BV Création and Axe Fruit with the official European regulations of organic agriculture is certified by Ecocert.




To place particular emphasis on the selection of our suppliers and to build a long-lasting and responsible relationship with them (SUPPLIER AXIS), to put at the heart of our concerns the quality of the raw materials that we market (PRODUCTS AXIS), with an irreproachable level of service to our customers (CUSTOMER AXIS).



The three first ones embody the three dimensions of the trading profession:

  • The product axis: guaranteeing the quality, traceability and food safety of the products we market.
  • The customer axis: to be permanently listening to our customers to satisfy, improve, innovate, anticipate.
  • The supplier axis: to privilege the "long term" approaches to build long-lasting and beneficial relationships.

The following aim to promote sustainable development, that is to say economically efficient, socially equitable and ecologically responsible:

  • The economic axis: choosing growth and reinvesting the results generated to grow, innovate and perpetuate. Establish a culture of results and purpose, within a logic of responsibility.
  • The social axis: placing people at the center of our operations with an agile organization, autonomy, well-being at work, an involved wage policy, training. Respecting the company's ethics and values in our internal and external interactions: honesty, integrity, respect for equality between men and women, non-discrimination.
  • The environment axis: behave responsibly towards the environment in the exercise of our activity.

Our General Policy is disseminated to all employees because it colors each of our actions.

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