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Since 1979, BROVER has been the French reference brand in fruit in syrup for pastry professionals. With a top-of-the-range positioning and fruits selected to meet the high requirements of French pastry making, BROVER's two core values are a commitment to high quality and a bespoke product line.


While BROVER has built its reputation on fruit for pastry, the brand now offers a broad range of ingredients for baked goods and pastries: fruit fillings, honey, but also snack foods like pizza sauces, canned tomatoes, olives, gherkins, tuna, antipasti... as well as dried fruits (raisins, cranberries...) for Viennese pastries and speciality breads.

AMBRO FOODS, candied fruits.

AMBRO FOODS distributes exclusively in France Ambrosiocandied fruits, the brand of our Italian confectioner partner, for the artisanal and industrial bakery & pastry industry.

The ranges are articulated around candied fruit for decoration (candied cherries, candied citrus fruit peels or fillets, candied fruit slices, half/sliced melons, whole candied fruits...) and candied fruit for inclusions (vegetable/papaya/melon/watermelon cubes, citrus fruit cubes...).

Ambrosio has a particular know-how on candied citrus peels, made from fruits harvested in Calabria or Sicily.

Arguydal, the magic of EPIPHANy.

ARGUYDAL is recognized as the main reference in the creation and distribution of high quality hand-painted porcelain figurines. Since 1985, ARGUYDAL has been combining tradition, innovation and quality.

Beyond the creation of figurine collections in its own name or under license through exclusive partnerships with major studios (Disney, Asterix, Warner, Ubisoft, Pokemon, TF1...), ARGUYDAL operates as a true agency for the development of original global concepts around the Epiphany, imagining turnkey operations integrating crowns, cake bags, collector's boxes, POS, goodies, contests...

« We have been creating for more than 30 years with as much passion as ever ».


EUro Partenaires, the palm tree in the heart.

EURO PARTENAIRES has been distributing since 1992 a selected range of canned fruits and vegetables through the private labels of major retailers or under its own brand "Dune". 

Thanks to the perpetuation of direct channels from South America, EURO PARTENAIRES has a specific know-how on the importation of hearts of palm, which constitute its flagship product. An offer completed in particular by asparagus and artichokes in cans and jars.

EURO PARTENAIRES also distributes canned fruits to the out-of-home catering, retail and foodservice circuits by proposing the great classics of fruit in syrup: pears, apricots, peaches, fruit cocktail, pineapple or cherries.


Specialized in the marketing of olives since 1845, DELIEUZE is a historical family company. Until 1956, DELIEUZE produced its local olives in St-Jean-de-Fos (South of France). The freezing of the olive trees in the region led the Delieuze family to look first to Algeria and then to Morocco at the end of the 60's to source their raw materials. A beautiful meeting finally led the Delieuze family to settle in Morocco by joining a Moroccan factory which has been supplying most of the olive production marketed by DELIEUZE since then.

The company distributes its ranges of olives (beldi or picholine varieties) and olive oil under the Delieuze or St-Jean brands in supermarkets, specialized wholesalers, fairgrounds, industry and export. Beyond Morocco, the company is now also opening up to Greek (kalamata olives) and Spanish (coquillos olives) origins.

#3. conventional and organic dried fruits

BROUSSE dried fruits, inside nature.

Importer of fresh fruits and vegetables when the company was created in 1946, Brousse Vergez developed partnerships with North African planters in the 70's, first in Tunisia and then in Algeria in the 90's to import Deglet Nour dates in Europe.

At the beginning of the 2000s, the company gradually abandoned its fresh fruits and vegetables activities to focus on dried fruits, drawing on its historical expertise in dates, with a supply area mainly located around the Mediterranean Basin. Dates, figs, apricots and raisins in conventional and organic became its core business.

In order to address the North European markets, the company expanded into Germany in 2015 and the Netherlands at the end of 2018, bringing its dates to Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Today Brousse Vergez is one of the main French importers of Deglet Nour dates, with a direct-producer sourcing and a unique expertise on the Algerian origin. It is also a pioneer in the import of Medjool dates from Israel, a variety that it has helped to establish on the French markets.


The entity dedicated to the industrial circuit of the BROUSSE VERGEZ Group which commercializes all the Group's inclusions for industrial use: dried superfruits, Mediterranean dried fruits, seeds, candied fruits, fruits in syrup... with conventional or organic ranges. Axe Fruit offers a personalized approach in order to co-build tailor-made "product solutions" with its industrial customers.

Originally specialized in the trade of superfruits in dried form (fruits with an above-average nutritional profile) before its acquisition in 2014 by Brousse Vergez, Axe Fruit has retained this expertise in its DNA. Indeed, it generates a significant portion of its volumes from cranberries, a very popular berry in North America, thanks to know-how acquired from a leading American cooperative in the production and processing of cranberries.

Axe Fruit works to serve food manufacturers, regardless of the business or application.

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