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Brover Brand

BROVER: Ingredients that Make All the Difference

The BROVER brand was launched in 1979 to expand the BROUSSE VERGEZ business to encompass pastry and catering ingredients for baked goods and pastries.

BROVER means choosing a leading professional brand on the upmarket segment, with fruits selected to be able to meet the high requirements of French pastry making. BROVER's two core values are a commitment to high quality and a bespoke product line.

A specialist in tinned fruits, BROVER has gradually diversified its business, now offering a broad range of ingredients for baked goods and pastries, including fruit fillings, honey and vanilla, but also snack foods like pizza sauce, olives and pickles, as well as dried fruits for Viennese pastries and speciality breads.

Distributed throughout France by a network of more than 200 specialized wholesalers, as well as in close to 40 other countries via importers of fine foods, BROVER has become a reference on its market, supporting bakery&pastry artisans and manufacturers over the past 35 years.

Our expertise: perfect knowledge and mastery of our products, selected from the best possible sources based on harvesting conditions, to be able to offer our artisan and industrial clients a broad range suited to their needs, with products of impeccable quality and homogeneity.

The baked goods/pastry niche demands a very high quality of product, which is why the raw materials we select must meet the criteria sought by our artisan clients: uniform sizes, appearance, cuts, colours, firmness, texture and more.
This selection entails stricter tolerance thresholds applied by our suppliers, with a higher percentage of raw materials being rejected as non-compliant.

Because at BROVER, we believe that successful food preparation always begins with the right ingredients...


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