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Dried Fruits

Strong Expertise on the Dried Fruits Market

Initially specializing in fresh fruit and vegetable trading on wholesale markets, the Fruit & Vegetables business at BROUSSE VERGEZ has gradually been reoriented over the past 10 years, now focusing exclusively on international trade in dried fruits.

These were historically distributed to produce wholesalers, although we now also sell to supermarkets and industry.

As a long-standing importer of dates (one of the largest on the French market), we have been expanding our range of traditional dried fruits since 2004, namely with the development of solid expertise in figs, with a procurement zone mainly located around the Mediterranean Basin.

With a view to diversification, we turned our sights toward Asia in 2009 to develop a new business line in France hinging on high quality dehydrated exotic fruits (ginger, mango, pineapple, etc.) distributed to supermarkets and hypermarkets or wholesalers.

In 2012, we positioned ourselves on the seasonal market for dried fruit gift boxes by investing in the construction of a hand-made creation and manufacturing workshop in Marseille for original dried fruit recipes, with a collection that is renewed each year for the holiday season. This marked the birth of BV Creation.


At the same time, we also positioned ourselves on the organic market, working with products like organic Medjool dates from Israel and organic Turkish dried figs. To further develop our line of healthy, organic dried fruits, in August 2014 we acquired Axe Fruit in Brittany. This acquisition opened up new markets to us, allowing us to target food manufacturers with a range of superfruits rich in antioxidants, particularly cranberries, goji berries, blueberries and mulberries.

BROUSSE VERGEZ is constantly on the lookout for new products, ways to improve quality and opportunities to adapt our product lines to consumers' actual needs.

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