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BV Creation

BV Creation: New Business Launched in 2011

BV Creation is a subsidiary of BROUSSE VERGEZ devoted to the hand-made creation and manufacture of original, innovative dried fruit recipes.
Working out of brand new premises in Marseille, BV Creation has an on-site modern workshop specially designed for the creation and assembly of dried fruit gift boxes, trays and sets.

The main purpose of BV Creation is to innovate in order to stand out from the crowd. With this in mind, each year BV Creation produces a comprehensive, original collection of dried fruit gift boxes for the holiday season, under the Brousse brand name, marketed to supermarkets.


The creative process is of course expressed through the choice of raw materials utilized, but also in the form of the containers selected and how the fruit is arranged inside them. Special attention is given to their design, aesthetics, originality, quality and... their taste!

The handwork performed at the workshop leaves a great deal of room for creativity and flexibility in production, whilst also making a pledge of top quality.

Alongside its main business, BV Creation has also become a veritable R&D department for BROUSSE VERGEZ. This new activity has, for example, led to new criteria when sourcing our raw materials, such as fruit varieties, quality, cuts, sizes, etc. 

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