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BROUSSE GmbH, the new German dried fruit specialist

Brousse GmbH was founded in January 2015 in Gengenbach (Baden-Württemberg) in Southwest Germany, about forty kilometers from Strasbourg.

The company was born out of the partnership between Brousse Vergez S.A. and Eva Polzer and Patrick Stoltzenberg, managers of this new quality dried fruit specialist targeting the German Retail.


Brousse GmbH relies on the experience and expertise of Eva and Patrick on this market, based on an optimal level of service with tailor-made solutions, optimized prices, quality management and synergies with Brousse Vergez.

Brousse GmbH is certified organic and IFS. 

The product range is large and mainly consists in Mediterranean Dried Fruits (Deglet Nour dates, Medjool dates, figs, apricots...), Nuts or Dehydrated Exotic Fruits (mango, ginger, pineapple…).