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Whole, half or chunk cranberries (USA)

The cranberry is a superfruit from the Northern United States and Canada. Its cousins can be found in a number of regions around the world.

The cranberry is very firm and dense with a ruby red colour and has a slightly tart taste and a very fruity aroma. It can be eaten in any form - fresh, dried, as juice, in jam, mixed with cereal for a complete breakfast or as an accompaniment to a wide variety of preparations, including your main course (and is traditionally served along with the Thanksgiving turkey).

The cranberry is rich in vitamin C and condensed tannins, making it the first fruit to have its health claims recognized by AFSSA (French Food Safety Agency). Known for its antioxidant properties, the cranberry is also effective in fighting certain types of inflammations, as well as in preventing certain infections, namely recurring cystitis, as proved by numerous studies.

  • Whole cranberries 11,34 kg (USA)
  • Half soft cranberries 11,34 kg (USA)