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200 g bags

Brousse Vergez dehydrated exotic fruits, 200 g bags

A line of resealable standy bags for French supermarkets.

A high concentration of benefits in tasty fruits to be enjoyed all day long. An excellent source of energy for athletes. But they also make for original ingredients that will lend a touch of exoticism to your dishes and desserts!

  • Pineapple chunks, 200 g
  • Thai fruit cocktail (mango, papaya, coconut, pineapple), 200 g
  • Ginger, 200 g
  • Mango, 200 g
  • Papaya, 200 g
  • Strawberries, 130 g

New: the 100g tray of dried natural pineapple slices, without any additive.

10 ways to savour our Brousse Vergez dehydrated exotic fruits 

  1. Nibble on them out of the package when you're feeling peckish
  2. Eat them during your sporting activities for an immediate energy boost
  3. Spice up your fresh fruit salads and other dishes
  4. Skewer them for a delicious fruity chocolate fondue
  5. Use them in cakes and fruitcakes, in the place of classic raisins or candied cherries
  6. Steep them in alcohol (calvados, flavoured rum, kirsch, etc.) or use them to garnish your cocktails – Consume in moderation.
  7. Serve them as hors d’œuvres or with a drink
  8. Add them to your bowl of breakfast cereal
  9. Purée them to flavour your soft white cheeses
  10. Use them as decoration for your dishes or pastries