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Taste our dried pineapple slices with no sugar added 5 or 10 x 2 kg from Costa Rica

Totally natural, without any additive :

  • preservative free
  • no sugar added
  • no artificial coloring or flavour

The natural structure, flavour and aroma of the ripe fruit are preserved. An exceptional fragrance, similar to fresh pineapple. The dried slices are made from fresh pineapple.

100 kg of pineapple slices were required to produce 4 kg of dried pineapple. Pineapples are harvested ripe in plantations in Costa Rica. They are certified Global GAP.

BBE : 12 to 18 months, keep cool between 4 and 12 °C (to prevent brown color due to the absence of preservative).

Can be eaten as it is in snacking or be used as an ingredient in cooking.



Brousse Vergez dehydrated fruits (Thailand), 5 x 2 kg box

Dehydrated fruits packages in 2 kg bags that are convenient for retail sales.


Orchard fruits: peaches

Berries: whole strawberries and black cherries (reduced sugar content)

Citrus fruits :

  • Lemon slices : yellow, green (lime slices)
  • Pomelo slices : yellow, green, semi-slice green

Exotic fruits :

  • Pineapple : semi-slices, low sugar slices cal. 50/60 et 70/80, no sugar slices cal. 50/60 et 70/80
  • Ginger : with icing sugar pieces or sticks, with coarse sugar pieces or slices
  • Guava
  • Kiwi
  • Mango : semi-slices, slices, 80 mm sticks, no sugar added
  • Melon : green, yellow
  • Papaya