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Industrial use Moroccan & Greek apricots

  • Apricot halves
  • Apricot quarters
  • IQF frozen apricot halves and quarters

Industrial use Spanish citrus fruits

  • Orange slices
  • Orange segments
  • Mandarin segments

Industrial use cherries

  • North Star cherries, 2650 ml or 4250 ml
    Our North Star cherries are 100% natural, with no added colouring. They are larger and sweeter on the palette than morellos. North Star cherries: morellos without the jar!
  • Bigarreau cherries, 4250 ml

Industrial use fruit fillings

  • From tubs to 220 kg casks
  • Fruit in cubes, whole or chopped

Industrial use honey

  • Our certified, traced BROVER honey offers all the guarantees required for use on an industrial line.
  • Available in 5 kg format and up to 25 kg cans

Industrial use Greek peaches

  • Peach halves
  • Peach slices
  • Peach cubes

Industrial use Italian Williams pears

  • Pear halves
  • Pear slices
  • Pear cubes
  • IQF frozen pear halves and slices

Industrial use Madagascar vanilla

  • Gourmet from Madagascar
  • In beans, grains, powders or syrups
  • In vacuum-sealed pouches from 1 to 25 kg