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BROVER tomatoes

Harvested in the countryside between August and September, BROVER's tomatoes are brought to the plant within hours of picking. The choice of fruit is crucial, because it is the structure and the taste of the fresh tomato that gives the sauce all its quality. Once peeled, the tomatoes are reduced to a purée and concentrated through evaporation. This concentration is measured in degrees Brix, which corresponds to the percentage of dry matter. Fresh tomatoes have a natural Brix of 5 to 6 and can be concentrated to up to 30 degrees Brix. The tomatoes are checked for consistency, colour and acidity, so that our product is perfectly consistent and suited to professionals' demands.


Tinned Foods

  • Double concentrated tomato paste, 28-30 degrees Brix, 850 ml or 4250 ml
  • Aromatic sauce No. 12, 4250 ml
  • Aromatic sauce No. 16, 4250 ml
  • Peeled chopped tomatoes, 4250 ml
  • Whole peeled tomatoes, 850 ml

BROVER Goat cheese and Honey Pizza recipe to download


BiB (Bags in Box)

  • BiB of pizza sauce with fresh tomatoes, 2 x 5 kg
  • BiB of peeled chopped tomatoes, 2 x 5 kg

BROVER's BiBs are convenient: they are fast and easy to open, there is no risk of cuts or injury, they are easy to store, they produce limited waste and they are easy to handle. The very brief pasteurization process preserves the texture and taste of the fresh tomatoes.