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Skipjack tuna is the most commonly fished species of tuna in the world and the 3rd most fished species of fish after the anchovy and the Alaska pollock. It typically does not exceed a weight of 30 kg and is found in all the world's oceans. Skipjack is pre-cooked and then the block is reformed using multiple fillets before being canned.

Albacore tuna lives in tropical waters. It is a large migratory fish that can grow to more than 2 m long with a weight in excess of 200 kg. It can be recognized by its yellow fin. Its light pink flesh is of very high quality, with a firm texture and a delicate flavour. Albacore is canned raw from a single block.


  • Albacore tuna in brine, 850 ml
  • Skipjack tuna in brine, 850 ml or 2650 ml
  • Whole skipjack tuna in oil, 850 ml


  • Chunk tuna in brine, 600 g or 1.2 kg pouches
  • Tuna in oil 1 kg pouches


BROVER anchovies

  • Anchovies fillets in oil with a plastic lid, 850 ml

Engraulis encrasicolus anchovy fillets are salted, pressed and matured. The spine is completely removed and there are virtually no bones left in the fillets.