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BROVER olives (Morocco & Spain)


  • Whole black olives with pits, 850 ml or 4250 ml
  • Pitted black olives, 850 ml or 4250 ml
  • Sliced black olives, 2650 ml or 4250 ml
  • Whole green olives with pits, 4250 ml
  • Pitted green olives, 850 ml or 4250 ml
  • Sliced green olives, 2650 ml or 4250 ml

Greek style black olives:

BROVER's Greek style black olives have thin, wrinkled skin with a very pronounced Mediterranean flavour. This line comprises three products: whole olives with pits, whole pitted olives and chopped olives. Each comes in original 2-in-1 packaging: 2 x 2 kg vacuum-sealed freshness pouches inside a 4 kg resealable, stackable plastic tub, for better hygiene and conservation during storage. Chopped olives are the perfect product for preparing olive bread: all the flavour of Greek style olives at an affordable price per kg with simplified visual checks for any remaining pits.