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BROVER gherkins


  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, calibres 60-79, 80-119, 120-149 and 150+, 4250 ml
  • Round sliced gherkins in vinegar, 4250 ml

BROVER gherkins in vinegar, calibre 80-119, are also available in 850 ml can.


PET jar:

  • Pasteurized gherkins in vinegar, calibres 80-119, 120-149 and 150+, 2.4L PET jar
  • Round sliced sweet and sour gherkins, cut finely with a firm texture for use on hamburgers, 2.4L PET jar
  • Long sliced sweet and sour gherkins for use on French roll sandwiches, 2.4L PET jar

BROVER's PET jar, a 2400 ml plastic jar with a screw-top lid, has all the advantages of a glass jar but without the risk of breakage. Easy to store and boasts a 3 year shelf life thanks to its innovative plastic that also enables pasteurization.