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BROVER antipasti, 850 ml : shed some sunlight on your recipes!

A range of products that can be stored at room temperature before opening and that boast an extended shelf life. The tins are easy to open and have a plastic lid that can be used to close and the food and refrigerate it after opening (with the exception of the pepper drops and caramelized onions).

BROVER recipes for sandwiches to download

Sun-dried tomatoes in oil

BROVER's sun-dried tomatoes in oil are an Italian speciality with a typically Mediterranean flavour. Picked when nice and ripe, the tomatoes are then cut in half and exposed to the heat of the southern sun until they are perfectly dried. They are then preserved in an aromatic oil, making them the perfect ingredient to add a touch of the Mediterranean to your salads and sandwiches. From Italy.


Sun-dried diced tomatoes in oil

Italian speciality with a Mediterranean flavour, our sun-dried tomatoes in oil are also available in 10x10 mm cubes ready-to-use. 850 ml can : net weight 800 g. From Italy.


Tomato Pearls


A new Brover ingredient for 2015 rich in colours. Juicy tomato cherries in very small size (less than 15 mm), preserved in a sweet-and-sour juice. Very economical, these small tomatoes will bring a beautiful ruby colour to your salads or dishes. Enhance your recipes with an original ingredient signed BROVER.

Grilled aubergine slices in oil

Fresh, sliced aubergines grilled with the skin on, then seasoned and preserved in aromatic oil. From Italy.

Grilled courgette slices in oil

Sliced courgettes, gently to trim a delicious springtime sandwich, but also topped bread rolls, pizzas and vegetable quiches. From Italy.

Grilled sweet peppers in oil

A flavourful Italian style preparation made with fresh whole red and yellow sweet peppers. The peppers are cored, peeled and grilled using a natural process. They are then preserved in sunflower oil, mildly flavoured with wine vinegar. A few seeds are left in for a homemade touch. From Italy.

Sweet pepper drops

These sweet pepper drops were the hands-down BROVER favourite in 2013. A completely new product in France, this product is a variety of small red or yellow pepper in the form of tear-drops, with a sweet and sour flavour, that is unique for its lovely bright colour and miniature size.
Enhance your recipes with a unique, colourful and gourmet ingredient!
This new little vegetable comes from the rain forest of the Peruvian Amazon and will beautify your salads, pizza toppings and sandwiches. A single 850 ml box contains more than 200 drops!

Sweet pepper quarters and drops cocktail

A balanced mix of green, red and yellow sweet mini peppers cut into quarters and associated with pepper drops to give a ready-to-use cocktail, fresh, original and colorful. This mix with a sweet-and-sour flavour is particularly suited to garnish a fresh pizza directly after cooking or to enhance salads.

Caramelized onion preserves

A quality, ready to use preparation that is rich in flavour and prized by connoisseurs, made from fresh onions that are chopped and caramelized over at a low temperature over a long period of time, resulting in a fantastic ingredient when it comes to adding an original sweet note to your sandwiches (burgers, paninis, etc.). It can also be used as a pizza topping or in making delicious onion and cheese quiches.

Mini pepper cones

Small cones of sweet peppers ready to stuff. Very easy to cook, mini pepper cones offer many creative possibilities depending on the type of stuffing done, for a fresh and original snacking solution. To be incorporated in salads for example or to be used as a tapas.