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Fruit fillings

BROVER fruit fillings

Join the flavour sensation!

BROVER's fruit fillings contain at least 70% fruit, with the taste, colour and texture of the fruit in a ready to use product that holds its flavour in the oven and the freezer. With large chunks of fruit!

12 flavours give free rein to any sweet craving: simply adapt your recipe without changing the process: fruity confectioner's custard, fruit mousse, fruity chiboust cream... the list is endless!


BROVER recipes using our Fruit Fillings to download


In our 2650 ml format – 70% fruit – Shelf life of 24 months

Diced apricots, diced apples (85%), diced pineapple, whole strawberries, raspberry purée, whole black cherries, whole blueberries, whole blackcurrants, berries


Our 5.5+ kg tubs – 90% fruit – Shelf life of 9 months

Cubed pears, cubed apples, apple pieces

BROVER Lemon Cream in 6 kg tubs
Shelf life: 18 months

BROVER Prunes Cream (« Corin ») in 12 kg tubs