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Candied fruits

BROVER candied fruits from Italy

Candied orange peel strips 12 x 1 kg

The orange peels are obtained by a mechanical knife peeling. The whole peel is preserved, which ensure the presence of essential oils and aromatic essences of the superficial layer, guaranteeing the typical taste of citrus fruit. The homogeneity of strips is refined by cutting after confection. They are arranged by hand in the trays.

Our candied orange peel strips are perfect in pastry to decorate or perfume a preparation and they turn into delicious « orangettes » when coated with chocolate.


Candied fruit Mix for decoration 500 g

An assortment of candied fruits in a 500 g tray for pastry decoration, consisting of whole candied fruits, bigarreaux cherries, slices and strips. A "must have" to decorate the traditional french King Cake, but also a source of creativity to give color and relief to a pastry (brioche, cheese cake ...). An ideal size for artisans wishing to discover the world of candied fruits with a complete turnkey product or for occasional users. The tray can also feed your direct sales to the individual.