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Raspberries (Serbia)

Wild raspberries come from mountainous regions in Europe. In France, wild plants can always be found growing in the Alps, the Massif Central and the Vosges. The first red raspberries were cultivated in the Middle Ages, and their production later expanded beginning in the 20th century. The largest raspberry producers are Russia and Serbia.

They are typically red but can also be black, yellow, orange or white. Their slight acidity and high water content provide a refreshing, thirst quenching sensation.

The raspberry is one of the lowest calorie fruits there is, at just 38 kcal/100 g. It also boasts one of the highest mineral densities for a fresh fruit. Over and above its very high potassium content (220 mg/100 g), it has relatively elevated calcium and magnesium levels. It contains many different vitamins (C, K, B3, B9, etc.), along with many different minerals and micronutrients the likes of phosphorus and iron.

  • Dried raspberries with sugar 5 x 1 kg