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Physalis (Cape gooseberries – Peru)

Cultivated by the Incas centuries ago in the foothills of the Andes, they are also known as golden berries. Physalis peruviana, dubbed "love in a cage" in France, are one of the only edible varieties of physalis.

They are mainly cultivated in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru, in areas where they have been growing wild for centuries.

Physalis is a small, sweet/tart fruit with a texture similar to that of a grape and are typically orange to golden in colour.

They can be eaten on their own or included in pies, jams or fruit salads.

When eaten regularly, these berries provide the recommended daily value of dietary fibre (30 g/day). Rich in vitamins (B1 and B3) and phosphorus, physalis also offers a high level of potassium. It can work beneficial actions on sore throats, breathing problems and the effects of diabetes.

  • Dried Physalis 4x5 kg